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Resting EKGs

A leader in tab electrodes, CONMED is proud to introduce the newest addition to the family, the SnaptraceTM II foam resting electrode.

1921 SnaptraceTM II
Foam Resting

A leader in Resting EKG electrodes, ConMed is proud to introduce the newest addition to the family, the SnaptraceTM II Resting Snap electrode. The smaller design is ideal for adults and pediatrics, and offers easy placement for V-leads.

  • Silver/Silver Chloride Design
  • Solid Adhesive Hydrogel which provides staying power, but gentle release.
  • Radiotranslucent and MRI Safe
  • Latex free and PVC free
  • Ideal for short term procedures


CONMED has a full line of Resting EKG products including the HEARTBEAT, FASTRACE® 4 and the SNAPTRACE®. To get more information on each, just scroll down.


Foam Resting Snap ECG Electrode with Wet Gel

  • Wet Gel, Silver/silver chloride
  • Designed for 10 lead resting ECG testing
  • Offers superior trace quality
  • Snap eliminates need for adapters
  • Radiotranslucent
  • MRI safe
Catalog Pouch Box Case
1920-050 Snaptrace 50 1,000

1915 FASTRACE® 4
Tab Style Resting ECG Electrode

  • The Finest Resting Tab Electrode
  • Silver/silver chloride performance
  • Eliminates risk of cross infection
  • Notch eliminates disconnected wires
  • Reduces application/clean-up time
  • Defibrillation recoverable
Catalog Pouch Box Case
1915-100 Fastrace 4 100 1,000


Tab Style Resting ECG Electrode

  • Silver/Silver Chloride Design
  • Latex free and PVC free
  • Notch eliminates disconnected wires
  • Defibrillation recoverable
  • Smaller design (compared to Fastrace) for adult and pediatric applications
  • Gentle release gel
Catalog Pouch Box Case
1925-100 Heartbeat 100 1,000
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